Bosanska Krupa



• Bosanska Krupa Municipality is located in the northwest part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the border with Croatia (EU). It is a perfect location for investment and development of business in the vicinity of a large European market of more than 500 million citizens.

• The main road M14 passes through Bosanska Krupa, which connects Bihać to Banja Luka, and provides quick access to the main road routes in the Republic of Croatia in the south (A1 motorway) and in the north (A3 motorway).

• The business zone “Pilana”, as one of the most attractive business zones in Bosnia and Herzegovina; it offers investors excellent opportunities for investment and business development. Significant incentives are available to investors related to payment of utility fees and charges.

• Business zone “Vatreni mlin” is a new business zone, which also represents an excellent investment opportunity. At this location, investors also have at their disposal various incentives related to coverage of utility fees and charges.

• “The industrial zone” a business zone is another attractive opportunity for investors. At this location, too, investors have at their disposal various incentives related to payment of fees.

• The processing industry in Bosanska Krupa has recorded growth trends and continuous growth in the last three years, which is an excellent indicator that there exist all the prerequisites for the development and growth.

• The local government provides support to investors when selecting locations for investment, as well as during the investment process, and continues to provide support during operation.

The center of the metal processing industry on the border with the EU

• Bosanska Krupa is the center of the metal processing industry, in which currently operate 15 metal processing companies.

• The 10 largest metal processing companies in Bosanska Krupa employ over 600 workers.

• Employment growth in the 10 largest metal processing companies in the period 2017 – 2019 was 16%.

• In 2019, the 10 largest metal processing companies generated revenue greater than 65.5 million BAM.

• Revenue growth in the 10 largest metal processing companies in the period 2017 – 2019 was 27%.

• Investors have at their disposal a modernly equipped Center for Entrepreneurship Support (BSC), which is located in PZ Pilana:

• With the support of the Municipality, in the past 3 years, the BSC has conducted several cycles of workforce training in line with the needs of employers in the metal processing industry, during which more than 100 unemployed persons have been trained.


Municipality of Bosanska Krupa is located in the northwest part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, very close to the border with the Republic of Croatia (CRO) and the European Union (EU) respectively. There is a relatively good connection with the main roads in the Republic of Croatia, which makes Bosanska Krupa an attractive location for investors and for doing business with the EU. The A1 motorway, heading south, is 115 km away from Bosanska Krupa, and heading north is 120 km away. The border crossing “Izačić” is 45 km away. Within BiH, Bosanska Krupa is connected by road (M14) and railway with Sarajevo (309 km) and Banja Luka (119 km). Distance from Bosanska Krupa to major cities in BIH and abroad is shown in the table below.


Preferential sectors in line with potentials


– Metal industry

– Wood industry


Rural tourism, eco-tourism, sports and recreation tourism, and other selective forms of tourism which are connected to rivers “Una” and “Krušnica” and nearby mountains, such as itinerary-walking tourism and tourism for a “relaxed” vacation in the natural environment, etc.

Municipality of Bosanska Krupa offers the following to new investors in these sectors:

• Available investment sites, including greenfield and brownfield locations that are located in the business zones Pilana, Vatreni mlin i Industrijska zona

• Available attractive incentives for investors in business zones Pilana, Vatreni mlin i Industrijska zona

• Frequent workforce training programs adapted to the needs of employers

• Available locations for investment in the tourism sector

• Quality and cost-effective workforce

• Favorable geographical position, proximity to the border with Croatia, and proximity to the EU market

• Proximity to the National Parks Una and Plitvice Lakes and rich natural heritage


• 88 business entities are active in the processing industry, out of which 65 are legal entities and 23 are craftsmen

• The largest companies operate in the sectors of metal and wood industry

• In the last 3 years, the metal processing sector has recorded positive trends and significant growth com pared to 2018, revenue growth was 9% and employment growth was 12%.


The tourism development potential of the Municipality of Bosanska Krupa is based on its rich natural and historical heritage. The main features that confirm the potential and growth of tourism are listed below:

• Vicinity of the national parks (NP) – NP Plitvice Lakes (CRO) is 67 km away and NP Una (BiH) 83 km away

• The National Park Una was recently established and has 120,000 visitors annually, while NP Plitvice Lakes attracts 1.1 – 1.5 million visitors annually

• Rich natural and historical heritage, and the beauty of the Una River make Bosanska Krupa one of the most attractive, but still “undiscovered” tourist locations in this part of Europe

• The total number of tourist arrivals in 2019 is higher by 8% compared to the year before, while the number of foreign tourist arrivals is even higher by 86%

• The number of overnight stays of foreign tourists in 2019 is higher by 39% compared to 2018

• The average growth of arrivals in the period 2017-2019 is 29%

• The average gross salary in tourism in 2018 was BAM 783 (EUR 400). Net salary was BAM 521 (EUR 266)

• More than 80 companies and craftsmen are active in the provision of accommodation and food preparation and catering services (hotels and restaurants).


Bosanska Krupa Municipality has three business zones that are in the regulatory plans.

These are Business zone „Pilana“, „Vatreni mlin“ and „Industrijska zona“. The plots available for investment in these locations are presented in the Investment profile:


Revenue growth, export growth and employment growth in the private sector are trends that in the last 3 years show the positive business environment of the Municipality of Bosanska Krupa.

The largest share in the number of economic entities have those entities operating in Wholesale and retail trade; engine repair vehicles and motorcycles (20.26%), Processing industry (11.28%) and Accommodation and food service and catering activities (10.64%).

In the past 2 years, exports increased by 27% and imports by 14%. In the last three years, the foreign trade surplus ranged from 15 million BAM in 2017 to almost 25 million BAM in 2019. The coverage of imports with exports in the past three years averaged 155%, and in 2018 a record coverage of imports with exports was achieved in the amount of 167%.



• Bosanska Krupa se nalazi na sjeverozapadu BiH, u blizini granice sa Hrvatskom (EU), te predstavlja savršenu lokaciju za investiranje i razvoj poslovanja u neposrednoj blizini velikog evropskog tržišta sa preko 500 miliona stanovnika.

• Kroz Bosansku Krupu prolazi magistralni put M-14, koji povezuje Bihać i Banju Luku, te osigurava brz pristup glavnim cestovnim pravcima u Republici Hrvatskoj na jugu (autocesta A1) i na sjeveru (autocesta A3)

• Poslovna zona Pilana kao jedna od najatraktivnijih poslovnih zona u Bosni i Hercegovini, investitori ma nudi izvrsne prilike za investiranje i razvoj poslovanja. Investitorima su na raspolaganju značajne povlastice po osnovu plaćanja komunalnih taksi i naknada.

• Poslovna zona Vatreni mlin je nova poslovna zona koja također predstavlja izvrsnu priliku za investiranje. I na ovoj lokaciji investitorima su na aspolaganju različite povlastice po osnovu plaćanja komunalnih taksi i naknada.

• Industrijska zona je još jedna atraktivna prilika za investitore. I na ovoj lokaciji investitorima su na raspolaganju različite povlastice po osnovu plaćanja naknada.

• Prerađivačka industrija u Bosanskoj Krupi bilježi pozitivne trendove i kontinuiran rast u posljednje tri godine, što je izvrstan pokazatelj da ovdje postoje svi preduslovi potrebni za razvoj konkurentnosti u privredi.

• Općinska uprava pruža podršku investitorima pri odabiru lokacija za investiranje, te tokom procesa investiranja, a podršku nastavlja pružati i tokom poslovanja.

Centar metaloprerađivačke industrije na samoj granici sa EU

• Bosanska Krupa je centar metaloprerađivačke industrije, u kojoj trenutno posluje 15 metaloprerađivačkih firmi.

• 10 najvećih metaloprerađivačkih firmi u Bosanskoj Krupi zapošljava preko 600 radnika.

• Rast zaposlenosti u 10 najvećih metaloprerađivačkih firmi u periodu 2017. – 2019. godina iznosi 16%. 10 najvećih metaloprerađivačkih firmi su u 2019. godini ostvarile prihod veći od 65,5 miliona KM.

• Rast prihoda u 10 najvećih metaloprerađivačkih firmi u periodu 2017. – 2019. godina iznosi 27%.

• Investitorima je na raspolaganju moderno opremljeni Centar za podršku poduzetništvu

 (BSC), koji je smješten u PZ Pilana (

• Uz podršku Općine, u BSC-u je u protekle 3 godine provedeno više ciklusa osposobljavanja

 radne snage prema potrebama poslodavaca u metalopreradi, u okviru kojih je obučeno više

 od 100 nezaposlenih lica.


Općina Bosanska Krupa se nalazi na sjeverozapadnom dijelu Bosne i Hercegovine, u blizini granice sa Republikom Hrvatskom (RH), odnosno Evropskom unijom (EU). Relativno dobra povezanost sa glavnim cestovnim pravcima u RH, Bosansku Krupu čini privlačnom lokacijom za investitore koji posluju sa EU. Autoput A1, pravac jug je udaljen 115 km, a pravac sjever je udaljen 120 km. Granični prijelaz Izačić je udaljen 45 km. Unutar BiH, Bosanska Krupa je povezana cestovnim (M-14) i željezničkim saobraćajem sa Sarajevom (309 km) i Banja Lukom (119 km).


Preferencijalni sektori u skladu sa potencijalima:


– Metaloprerada

– Drvoprerada


Ruralni turizam, ekoturizam, sportski i rekreativni turizam, kao i drugi oblici turizma vezani za rijeke Unu i Krušnicu, obližnje planine, sa specifičnim vidovima kao što su itinerarni-pješački turizam i turizam za “opušteni” odmor u prirodnom okruženju i sl.

Novim investitorima u ovim sektorima na raspolaganju su:

• Dostupne lokacije za investiranje, uključujući greenfield i brownfield lokacije planirane u poslovnim zonama Pilana, Vatreni mlin i Industrijska zona.

• Dostupni atraktivni poticaji za investitore u Poslovnoj zoni Pilana, Vatreni mlin i Industrijska zona.

• Učestali programi osposobljavanja radne snage prema potrebama poslodavaca.

• Dostupne lokacije za investiranje u sektoru turizma.

• Kvalitetna i cjenovno kompetentna radna snaga.

• Povoljna geografska pozicija, blizina granice sa Hrvatskom, te blizina EU tržišta.

• Blizina nacionalnih parkova i bogato prirodno nasljeđe.


U prerađivačkoj industriji aktivno je 88 poslovnih subjekata, od kojih su oko 65 pravna lica a 23 obrtnici. Najveće kompanije posluju u sektoru metaloprerađivačke i drvne industrije. Posljednje 3 godine sektor metaloprerade bilježi pozitivne trendove i značajan rast, u odnosu na 2018. godinu ostvaren je rast prihoda za 9%, a rast zaposlenosti za 12%.


Potencijali za razvoj turizma u općini Bosanska Krupa se zasnivaju na bogatom prirodnom i historijskom nasljeđu. Glavne karakteristike koje potvrđuju potencijal i rast turizma su:

• Blizina nacionalnih parkova. NP Plitvička jezera (HR) je udaljen 67 km, a NP Una (BiH) 83 km.

• NP Una je nedavno osnovani nacionalni park, kojeg godišnje posjeti preko 120.000 posjetilaca, dok

• NP Plitvice svake godine posjeti između 1.1 i 1.5 mil iona posjetilaca.

• Bogato prirodno i kulturno-historijsko nasljeđe i ljepote rijeke Une čine Bosansku Krupu jednom od najatraktivnijih ali još uvijek „neotkrivenih“ turističkih lokacija u ovom dijelu Evrope.

• Ukupan broj dolazaka turista u 2019. godini je veći za 8% u odnosu na godinu prije, dok je broj dolazaka stranih turista veći čak za 86%.

• Broj noćenja stranih turista u 2019. godini je veći za 39% u odnosu na 2018. godinu.

• Prosječan rast dolazaka ostvaren u periodu 2017. – 2019. godine iznosi 29%.

• Prosječna bruto plaća u turizmu u 2018. godini je iznosila 783 KM a neto 521 KM.

• U djelatnosti pružanja smještaja te pripreme i usluživanja hrane (hotelijerstvo i ugostiteljstvo) aktivno je više od 80 pravnih i fizičkih lica.


Na području općine Bosanska Krupa proglašene su tri poslovne zone: Poslovna zona „Pilana“ Poslovna zona „Vatreni mlin“ i „Industrijska zona“. Za predmetne zone doneseni su detaljni prostorno-planski dokumenti, odnosno regulacioni planovi. Parcele koje su dostupne za investiranje na ovim lokacijama predstavljene su u Investicijskom vodiču objavljenom pod linkom:


Rast prihoda, rast izvoza i rast zaposlenosti u privatnom sektoru su trendovi koji oslikavaju poslovno okruženje.

Najveće učešće u broju privrednih subjekata imaju subjekti koji posluju u trgovini na veliko i malo; popravak motornih vozila i motocikli (20,26%), prerađivačka industrija (11,28%), te u pružanju smještaja, pripreme i usluživanja hrane (10,64%).

U posljednje 2 godine izvoz je porastao za 27% a uvoz za 14%. U posljednje tri godine vanjskotrgovinski suficit kretao se od 15 miliona KM u 2017. godini do gotovo 25 miliona KM u 2019. godini. Pokrivenost uvoza izvozom u posljednje tri godine iznosila je 155%, a u 2018. godini postignuta je rekordna pokrivenost uvoza izvozom u iznosu od 167%.

Kontakt informacije:

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Ime i prezime osoba na virtuelnom štandu: Esma Hergić, Kasim Šertović


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